About Global AI Leaders

The initiators of Global AI Leaders met while working together at the leading conversational and generative AI company UIB (“Unified Intelligent Brain”) in Singapore, which eventually became Global AI Leaders’ founding sponsor.

UIB is the world’s leading API AI-first company — allowing you to tap into the most popular AI platforms and conversational solutions via a single API (or licensing the respective patents) — making human-to-machine communications as simple and natural as human-to-human communications, hence the tagline:

Simply Communicate.

For more details on our founding sponsor, see below.

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The Initiators

Polymath Toby Ruckert

  • Perpetual inventor, serial entrepreneur, and classical pianist

  • Leading global expert in IoT, AI, and transformational technologies

  • Writes for the Modern Times Opportunities newsletter and hosts the Toby & Friends podcast

Cool Hunter Ken Herron

  • 30+ years of expertise in technology sales, marketing, and product management

  • Leading global expert in conversational and generative AI, including bot-to-bot communications

  • MBA in International Management from Thunderbird and BA in International Economics and German from Drew University

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Our Purpose

Do you find AI hard? Confusing? Risky? Is AI simply changing too fast for you to keep up?

Global AI Leaders is your human source to engage directly with experts worldwide, people with hands-on-keys, lived experience to make AI understandable and actionable for you and your business.

We make AI human.

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More on our founding sponsor UIB

UIB provides the solutions AI needs to work together with humans, enabling effortless communications with any device, person, or bot —

  • UIB seamlessly connects different communications channels, conversational and generative AI platforms, and connectors (including SaaS and IoT APIs) in a platform designed to be infinitely scalable.

  • UIB dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of bringing solutions to market in an ever-changing vendor landscape while providing the ultimate omnichannel customer experience.

AI-native and API-first, UIB gives AI the information (access), control, and management (the P of API) it needs to evolve. The biggest technology transition of our time — AI is changing how businesses operate, and UIB helps enterprises realize the power of AI, all within a SaaS business model.

Want to build white-label solutions for marketing, transactional and A2P messaging, notifications and alerts, chatbots, virtual assistants, and other conversational user interfaces? Consider becoming a UIB Reseller Partner.

Chat with UIB’s UnifiedAI® using UnificationEngine® now on the UIB website at www.uib.ai. While there, say Hi to UIB’s digital avatar, Nina!

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Inspired by API AI company UIB’s decade of AI leadership, we bring people together to make the advances in conversational and generative AI with IoT-powered H2X® interactions.


UIB makes human-to-machine communications as simple and as natural as human-to-human communications. Chat with us now at http://uib.ai!
Chief Marketing Officer of sales AI company Strolid | Cool hunter | Human + AI performance coach | Are you listening to your customers at scale? 🙉
Storytelling Polymath, serial tech entrepreneur, pianist/composer, inventor, advisor and founding trustee of scientific research institutes.
Rob is the Founder of IoTY Council and the IoTday iotday, org and works as Chief Innovation Officer at asvin.io